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Course Benefits and Insurance Discounts

Besides the conveniences and advantages already mentioned on this web site's Home Page, successfully completing our private driving course has the same benefits as a public school course.  As with public school driver education, students completing a driver education course at Wichita Driving School usually: 1) Receive the license at the Driver's License Office without any additional testing (besides the eye test)......and...... 2)  Pay a better rate for insurance.  Individuals,  which bypass driver education usually pay more for insurance.

Defensive Driving Classes from the National Safety Council:  
Defensive Driving  Schedule  Class dates/times are subject to change. 
DDC-8 - (2 day, 8 hr courses) There is a description below.   
Current 2013 Schedule: All DDC-8 classes are held at west location.
Your Driver's Ed course must be completed first before taking DDC-8.

Defensive Driving  

For 2013 Defensive Driving Schedule CLICK HERE

These Defensive Driving courses (authorized by the KS Department of Insurance) are nationally certified  for an insurance discount or point reduction. (Check with your insurance agent) Monitor the schedule & let us know which class you want.  
You must attend both four hour sessions of Defensive Driving to receive credit.   

After obtaining the license, an excellent way to reinforce/enhance defensive driving philosophy, and to receive additional insurance discounts or point reductions is   to take one  of the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving courses.  These refresher courses cost $100.00. WDS Driver Education students, which pre-enroll for the course get the discount price of $45.00.  Defensive Driving is nationally approved by most insurance companies for an insurance reduction, if the driver qualifies for the discount.  (Please check with your insurance agent)  Family members of  Wichita Driving School students can also attend for $40.00.  We encourage families to get involved because Driver Education, Defensive Driving, and Alive at 25 may be the most important classes your teen ever takes. Our goal is to make students responsible, low risk drivers by establishing a solid foundation of safety awareness and defensive driving that will continue to evolve over time with the proper attitude.  For enrollment information, contact Wichita Driving School at 651-0848.  
Defensive Driving is a 2 day/8 hour academic class that identifies risky attitudes and behaviors which cause problems on the road, as well as identifying why most collisions are preventable. This class also studies the difference between good driving and defensive driving, and teaches important techniques in hazard detection and collision avoidance.  Defensive Driving provides a driver with tips for handling what one can control (You and your vehicle) and provides useful guidelines for handling conditions one cannot control (traffic, weather, roads, other drivers, etc..).  This meaningful course teaches that safe driving is created through a personal, life long commitment to be a responsible, low risk driver and that these habits can be the difference between health/injury or life/death.   

Kansas Driving Laws/Parents

.....A driver education student, which has signed up for Defensive Driving has 12 months to take the course after completing our Driver Education course. The NSC recommends completing the 50 practice hours/and or obtaining your license before taking this course. Please confirm with us, which class you plan to attend.  Note:  In our driver education contract/agreement, we are offering this class to our driver education students at a 50% discount price (no refunds please). The cost is $45.00 to WDS students, provided they sign up for Defensive Driving at the time of original enrollment, or before the 6 hours of driving is completed.  
Wichita Driving School has 10-12 NSC DDC-8 classes per year. All classes are held at the west location.

Alive at 25 is a 1 day 4 hour course that is geared for the younger, less experienced driver. It studies the reasons why drivers in the age group (16-24) have the highest collision, injury, and fatality rate of all drivers.  It identifies immature, high risk behavior and the consequences of it.  It also examines the issue of peer pressure, and other situations which can lead to bad judgment and driver error.  Alive at 25 has a curriculum that encourages teen drivers to think before they act, and examines ways to keep control, as a driver or passenger.  
.......No courses currently scheduled for 2013....... 

Allstate Insurance Company offers discounts for graduates of our program, and has information for parents of teen drivers, including a downloadable Teen Driving Contract: www.allstateteendriver.com .  We work with Tracy Rutledge of the Rutledge Agency.   For more info, visit www.allstate.com/TracyRutledge  select Planning Tools from the header at the top, then Teen Driver (on the right).             
          Tracy Rutledge - The Rutledge Allstate Agency 
                        9415 E. Harry, Suite 704   Wichita KS, 67207
                    phone    (316) 651-5600    Fax      (316) 651-5609     

                 American Family Teen Safe Driver Program

A Free Program offered by American Family Insurance

The Teen Safe Driver Program helps parents identify risky driving and coach for improvement before dangerous behaviors lead to vehicle damage, personal injury or worse.

The program has been recognized locally as well as by Good Morning America, CBS Morning Show, and The Wall Street Journal.

Did you know that when mom and dad are out of the car:

  • Teens are 40% less likely to wear their seatbelts
  • Teens are 9 times more likely to crash
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S.


The Teen Safe Driver Program uses a small device placed behind the rearview mirror of a teen’s vehicle. It captures the view out the front, and into the interior, of the vehicle but never saves any data UNLESS activated by an erratic vehicle movement – extreme braking, cornering, and acceleration or if there is a collision. When the device is activated, it saves an event comprised of the previous ten seconds and the following ten seconds showing not only WHAT happened but WHY it happened.

Parents and teens log in to a secure Web site to view the video and tips for safer driving.

In addition to the individual events captured, parents receive a weekly driver report card. Teens are coached for improvement in problem areas, and also praised for good driving events.

Results are dramatic and immediate:

  • On average, teens reduce the frequency and severity of high risk driving events by more than 70% in the first four months.
  • Driver seatbelt use improves from less than 40% to an unprecedented 100%--and passenger seatbelt rates increase dramatically, too.

The program is entirely free.

It will not impact the teen's insurance rates, even if risky driving behavior is recorded.  Nor will it impact American Family's willingness to pay for a crash where the teen is at fault.  The clips are not sent to American Family.

Teen Safe Driver helps make a transition to a safer, more mature driver an enjoyable experience for both the teens and their parents.

For more information or to get enrolled – please contact:

Forrest Hummel
American Family Insurance - Agent 
Your Auto, Home and Life Insurance Specialist 
260 N Main, Suite 300C
Haysville KS 67060
Office: (316) 529-0055

Email: fhummel@amfam.com

For more information regarding the Teen Safe Driving Program visit my website at:

Other discounts may be available  
Call Wichita Driving School for more information at (316) 721-7950 or 651-0848.
One can email us at
wichitadriving@cs.com or  www.drivereducationwichitakansas.com