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Affordable Defensive Driving Course 

Join Our Refresher Courses to Get Insurance Discounts!

Defensive Driving Courses (authorized by the KS Department of Insurance) are nationally certified for an insurance discount or point reduction (check with your insurance agent). 

Monitor the schedule and let us know which class you want to attend. DDC-8 Courses are all held at west location (724 N. Country Acres) or 1 block west of Central and Ridge Road. Check the schedule prior to class.
Defensive Driving Class Schedule at 724 N.
Country Acres
Day and time(s) - Next classes are on:

Oct 25/26 -COMPLETED
Nov 27/29 -COMPLETED
Dec 22, 2017 -COMPLETED
Jan 15, 2018-COMPLETED
Feb 13/20 - Tue/Tue 5:15-9:15 PM (West Location)
Mar 6/13 - Tue/Tue 5:15-9:15 PM (West Location)

*All students must attend an 8-hour class. Check this schedule the week prior to class.
Note: Class dates can be subject to change - please check the website prior to class!

Get Discount On Defensive Driving Course

After obtaining the license, an excellent way to reinforce / enhance defensive driving philosophy, and to receive additional insurance discounts or point reductions is to take one of our National Safety Council's Defensive Driving courses. These refresher courses cost $120.00. WDS Driver Education students, who pre-enroll for the course get the discount price of $60.00. Driver Education and Defensive Driving may be the most important classes your teen ever takes. Our goal is to make students responsible, low-risk drivers by establishing a solid foundation of safety awareness and defensive driving that will continue to evolve over time with the proper attitude. For enrollment info, contact Wichita Driving School at 316-651-0848 or 316-721-7950.
Defensive driving is an 8-hour academic class that identifies risky attitude and behavior, which cause problems on the road, as well as identifying why most collisions are preventable. This class also studies the difference between good driving and defensive driving, and teaches important techniques in hazard detection and collision avoidance. 

Defensive driving provides a driver with tips for handling what one can control (you and your vehicle) and provides useful guidelines for handling conditions one cannot control (traffic, weather, roads, other drivers, etc). This meaningful course teaches that safe driving is created through a personal, life-long commitment to be a responsible, low-risk driver and that these habits can be the difference between health / injury or life / death.

A driver education student, who has signed up for Defensive Driving has 12 months to take the course after completing our Driver Education course. The NSC recommends completing the 50 practice hours and / or obtaining your license before taking this course. Please confirm with us, which class you plan to attend. 

Note: In our driver education contract / agreement, we are offering this class to our driver education students at a 50% discount price (no refunds). The cost is $60.00 to WDS students, provided they sign up for Defensive Driving at the time of original enrollment or before the 6 hours of driving is completed.  

Wichita Driving School has 10-12 NSC DDC-8 classes per year. All classes are held at the west location.
Defensive Driving (DDC-8) refresher courses cost $120.00. WDS Driver Education students, who pre-enroll for the course, get the discount price of $60.00. Family members of WDS students can also attend for $60.00. 
Defensive Driving is nationally approved by most of the insurance companies for an insurance reduction. Call now to learn more!

316-721-7950 (West)
316-651-0848 (East)
Wichita Driving School is the only driving school in KS to offer a monthly NSC Defensive Driving (DDC-8) Course for teen drivers or experienced drivers. DDC-8 courses are held at west location 724 N. Country Acres.
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