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Frequently Asked Questions 

West-Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-5:15 PM East-Office Hours: Wed/Fri 11:00 AM-1:00
*Also open Saturdays 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
during school year
if class is in session
Our driving lessons include door-side pickup from home or school! Serving east and west locations of Wichita! 

West-Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 AM-5:00 PM East-Office Hours: Wed/Fri 11:00AM-1:00PM
*Also open Saturdays 8:30 AM-12:00 PM
during school year if class is in session

Course Cost - Teens: Current coupon / special is $15 off tuition - ages 14-17  
$405.00 (or 3 X 135) - 14-hour course - 8 hours/class - 6 hours/driving
Teen price with coupon: $390.00 (or 3 payments of $130.00) 
$450.00 (or 3 x 150) - 22-hour course - 8 hours/class - 6 hours/driving - 8 hours/Defense Driving class
(National Safety Council) Teen price with coupon: $435.00 (or 3 payments of $145.00)
Course Cost - Adults: $435.00 (or 3 X 145.00) - 14-hour course - 8 hours/class - 6 hours/driving.
$480.00 (or 3 x 160) - 22-hour course - 8 hours/class - 6 hours/driving - 8 hours/NSC Defense Driving class
  ..Adults over 21 are required by WDS to have a permit prior to enrolling in our course.

Payment policy for installments: 
Note: Enrollment deposit is non-refundable. In the event of illness or last second conflict, your credit can be used for a future class.
  • 1/3 is due with the enrollment application or at the time it is submitted. (Remember that you must pay your enrollment deposit to officially enroll! When you're officially enrolled, we will send you a study guide via email)
  • 1/3 is due at the beginning of class or prior to the end of the 8th hour of class. 
  • 1/3 is due before the start of the 1st driving lesson. 
8 hours of classroom time and 6 hours of driving time is required for course completion.
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Classroom Format
Parents: Learner's Permit & Cert. of Completion Info is on the Teen Law Page.

The first step to joining our program is to select a class date and enroll in that class. 
The academic portion of the course consists of 8 hours of classroom instruction and covers the fundamental techniques of driving, as well as advanced techniques of defensive driving in residential, rural, and urban areas. Also detailed is night driving, driving in adverse conditions, and the effects of alcohol and other drugs as relating to driving. Handling emergencies, avoiding road rage, purchasing and maintaining a vehicle, and auto insurance issues are also covered. 

 For students, who have a KS Instructional Permit, please bring them to class. Teen students, without a permit, will obtain one through this course.Instructional Permits are usually processed at our main office in two business days.Students who receive a paper IP from Wichita Driving School usually need to exchange it with a Photo IP at the DMV / Driver's License Office. Students, who wear glasses or contacts should also bring them to class. Students, who are over 21 years are required by WDS to have a permit prior to enrolling in our course.

When dropping off or picking up your teen at the west-side classroom (one block west of Central / Ridge), please park in Wichita Driving School's parking lot or along Country Acres Street (just north of Jiffy Lube). At the east-side classroom (one block west of Central / Woodlawn), please park along Hillcrest Street (by Wells Fargo) or in the parking lot behind Wichita Driving School East.We open our classroom 30 minutes before class time. The students are welcome to come in during this time to work on their study guide, which is designed to help them succeed on the final test. 

On 1 day, 8 hour classes, we have a lunch break from 12:00 to 12:45 PM in an 8-hour class. There are several restaurants within a 1 or 2-block radius of Wichita Driving School Inc. and Wichita Driving School East, LLC. Note: All students, who take driver education in the state of Kansas are required to fill out a DE 99 application. One of the questions on this form asks the student if they are currently taking any prescribed medication for a physical or mental condition that would affect their ability to drive, or if they have a physical or mental condition that could affect their ability to drive. This application is completed on the first day of class at Wichita Driving School, LLC.

Parents: Please check the "Teen Laws / DE 99 info" page of this website.

Driving Format

We will contact the student's parents or student within 14 days after the two-day academic course to arrange driving times. (Remember, if you have not paid in full, you will need to do so before driving sessions can be scheduled.) Please make all checks payable to Wichita Driving School. Also, keep in mind that we are driving other students who attended a classroom session before you. It typically takes a Wichita Driving School student about 5 weeks to finish the entire course (8 hours/ class and 6 hours/ driving). The six hours of driving will be arranged to fit the student's schedule. Each driving session will usually be at least a minimum of 1.5 hours with a maximum of 3 hours. The average driving time per session for most students is 2 hrs.

The behind-the-wheel sessions will include: residential and city driving, highway and interstate driving, various types of parking, handling the downtown Central Business District, and a high focus on defensive driving. The student driver will usually be picked up from home unless otherwise specified. Some get picked up from school, work, or any other location. At the conclusion of each session, the student will be dropped off at home unless there is a special request. Some students, for example, arrange to be dropped off at school, work, church, or a relative's house. All special situations need to be approved by a parent or guardian. 

Parents are, of course, welcome in the car. Students with no experience (especially adults), sometimes require extra driving beyond the 6 hours. In such cases, the single most important factor in successfully passing the driving portion of the course (in the standard 6 hours) is the student / student's family being willing and / or able to practice between the driving lessons.

Our driver education cars are equipped with dual brakes, liability commercial insurance, and student driver signs.

We may not be able to accommodate some situations in the classroom or car.

Refund Policy

*The enrollment deposit for Driver Education is non-refundable but can be used for a future class within 6 months from the time of initial enrollment in case of a conflict. If the students attend any portion of the class, they are responsible for the two-third cost of the course. Once the students begin the driving sessions, they are responsible for the entire cost of the course. Our time-limit policy regarding refunds or unused credit is 6 months. 
Note: "This course fulfills the state driving and written test, but governing rules mandate that driving schools or high schools can make no guarantee to student or parent / guardian that course completion assures a DL from the state of KS. The state of Kansas reserves the right to test or deny any license applicant. Some rare examples of this include: vision, physical, or mental conditions, past tickets or violations, a passport issue or failing DMV testing several times (recently), etc.- Mike Johnson 
*Since our defensive driving classes are funded by pre-enrolled students, the enrollment deposit for the National Safety Council's Defensive Driving or Alive at 25 is non-refundable and should be used within 12 months after completing the driver education program. We offer these classes (at a 50% discount) for our driver education students / parents who want extra training or an insurance discount. 

Please monitor our class schedule by clicking the "Def. Driving / Discount Car" at the top of this page, and contact us a week before the course you choose to attend.
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